Routes Transport Group is a privately held premier North American Freight Management provider offering point-to-point surface transportation, international shipping, warehouse and supply chain solutions. Founded in 1991, Routes is “Dedicated to Providing Solutions and Building Relationships”. Over the years we have grown to be a leading authority in providing transportation and freight forwarding solutions to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world.

Meet the Team

We are fortunate to share a unique environment here at the Routes Transport Group. We are a highly skilled, dedicated team whose foundation is built on customer relationships. Routes Transport Group recognizes that our employees are our most important resource and we are proud to boast that the average tenure of our employees is over 10 years. Each member of our team brings unique skills to help achieve our goals. Our teams are dynamic and enthusiastic, our strength is based on open communication and cooperation, and our focus is on continuously achieving the highest standards in everything we do to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Mission, Vision & Values

Mission statement
We believe in building relationships and providing solutions

  • We deliver the highest level of service and cost-effective solutions to our customers every day.
  • We offer holistic transportation, warehousing and full supply chain solutions that are customized to fit any specifications required.
  • We encourage the growth and development of our employees by helping them achieve their goals, always investing and improving our technology to help them be the best.
  • We treat each other in a fair manner, with dignity and respect that is inclusive to all.
  • We are always looking to enhance and expand our team with the best and brightest.

Vision Statement
Our expertise and passion for customer service has enabled us to be a leading authority in providing supply chain solutions in an innovative, socially responsible and sustainable way. As a result, we have formed strong vendor partnerships and earned trust from our long-standing customers. We strive to better our community, customers, partners, and employees.

Core Values
Integrity & Accountability – We hold ourselves and each other responsible for decisions and commitments made. We are committed to building lasting relationships through trust, transparency and reliability that our customers and partners
can expect.
Innovation & Education – We are always looking to improve and enhance technology that allows our customers to have the tools they need in this ever-changing industry. We offer education and development to our employees, enhancing
skills to help them achieve their career goals, making them the best in the industry.
Progressive Culture – We foster cooperation and communication among each other promoting harmony and teamwork in all relationships. We strive for mutual understanding and encourage participation in decisions.
Empowerment – We value people who are driven, determined, take risks and think critically. We allow people to do their jobs while supporting our mission.




At Routes Transport Group, we are always looking to use best practices to minimize our carbon footprint. From going paperless, to having a bi-weekly recycling program, to time scheduled/motion detection lighting througout our facility. We participate in the SmartWay Carrier Program and ensure that all partners we use are also part of this program.


We actively contribute to local and national charities; we are proud sponsors of our community and local sports team associations.and we support our partners and clients’ interests as well.We are always looking to improve our social impact.



We reject all discriminatory behavior based on race, gender, culture and sexuality from our employees, clients, partners and vendors. We review our corporate policies on a yearly basis to ensure compliance and adherence with all government policy changes. Routes Transport recognizes that our employees are our strength and greatest asset, our company culture is open, inclusive and fair. We support career advancement and financial opportunity through experience/hard work and education.